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CafeCraft Auto Stir Mug

CafeCraft Auto Stir Mug

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Wake Up & drown yourself in the fresh aroma of Coffee with the CafeCraft Auto Stir Mug!

Say Goodbye to Lumpy, Unsatisfying Drinks – Hello to Perfect Sips Every Time!

☕️ Tired of your morning ritual turning into a coffee catastrophe?

Introducing the CafeCraft Self-Stirring Mug, your ultimate solution to clumpy, uneven beverages! With just the push of a button, indulge in perfectly blended coffee in a mere 10 seconds – because life's too short for terrible coffee!

🔄 No More Stirring Struggles

Bid farewell to the days of endless stirring & still finding chunks at the bottom of your cup. Our smart Rock Black technology takes care of the mixing for you! Just remove the magnetic beads, press the button, and watch as the propeller works its magic, creating a heavenly foam with every sip.

⏱️ Time-Saving Elegance

We all know Early Mornings are chaotic enough without the added stress of manual stirring. Save precious minutes and streamline your routine with our sleek stainless steel mug. No residue, no mess – just pure, uninterrupted coffee bliss.

🛠️ Effortless Maintenance

Cleaning up after your caffeine fix has never been easier. Simply remove the batteries, seal the bottom lid, and let the dishwasher do the work. Our mug is designed for convenience, ensuring that every sip is as effortless as the last.

🌟 Build Quality You Can Trust

Crafted from food-grade ABS and 304 stainless steel, our mug is not only durable but also safe for your favorite beverages. Plus, the double-layer design keeps your hands cool even when pouring in piping hot coffee.

🎁 The Perfect Gift for Coffee Aficionados

Know someone who takes their coffee seriously? Treat them to the gift of convenience and flavor enhancement with our Self-Stirring Mug. It's the present they never knew they needed – until now.

🔥 Make Every Sip Count

Whether you're a latte lover, a hot cocoa connoisseur, or a matcha enthusiast, our mug caters to all tastes. From the kitchen to the office, enjoy your favorite drinks hassle-free, anytime, anywhere.


- Material: ABS Shell + Stainless Steel
- Color: White Coffee
- Voltage: 3V
- Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries (not included)
- Capacity: Approximately 380ml
- Size: Approximately 90 x 135mm (Top Diameter x Height)

Package Includes

1 x Electric Self-Stirring Mug

Rise and shine with the ultimate coffee companion – because life's too short for lumps in your cup!
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both design and quality is greatttt


such a win for me!


functional and looks nice too


pretty thing!


love the price and love the product, highly recommend